Arbeitsgruppe Warschau EP-Recording

one week ago, i spend 3 days in the studio with my band ARBEITSGRUPPE WARSCHAU and we recorded 4 songs which are being mixed and mastered right now @ Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg. so far, we are more than happy how it went and we cannot wait to share the songs, i will keep you updated here as well so stay tuned.

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New Remix for Local Natives

the guys from Local Natives were kind enough to let everyone download the stems of their latest album “Hummingbird” to make some remixes. so here is my try on “heavy feet“:

thanks for checking it out & take care.

New Band – Arbeitsgruppe Warschau

Hey there. A while ago, I told you that I joined a band again – and here it is: Arbeitsgruppe Warschau. In case you’re wondering, the name refers to Warsaw, pre-name of Joy Division, because the guys started with doing covers of them.

We are currently working on new songs and are planning to enter a studio in winter. I guess one could roughly (!!) describe our sound as a mixture of Postrock like Mogwai and Indie/Rock like The National. Well, at least we try to come close to these bands.

Come and say hi if you like.

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Split-Tape with Ninemiles out now!!

here it is you lovely people, the split-tape with ninemiles is now available via MIDIRA RECORDS.

the tape comes in beautiful red with a handcrafted packaging, a little special item inside and limited to 20 copies in total.

grab your copy right here:

purchase the digital version for free / name your price:

listen to my side of the tape:

please spread the word – and thanks for all of your interest and support!!


Covers & Numbers & Feathers …

… the Bogatzke / ninemiles split tape is taking shape.


New Split-Tape is on the way

so, as you might have already noticed, i’m currently joining forces with ninemiles to release a nice little split-tape, which will be out soon on MIDIRA RECORDS. here’s some more info on that:

side A: ninemiles

01. d4f83
02. two days
03. flatscreen
04. retrieve, recover, remind
05. field
06. another obtuse angle

mixing & mastering by sven @

side B: bogatzke

01. trails for the lost
02. i am jack’s broken heart
03. the earth so dark (so long my sleep)
04. lights will guide you home

mastering by role - Tonmeisterei

artwork (c) HUMMELGRAFIK


Tape [Deck Heart]

ok, who still got a good old walkman or a tape deck in the car? ’cause … you know … you might need it again quite soon …


Download my Remix for Postrockers Arktika

the title says it all.

i created a remix for the track “the living receiver” by german postrockers Arktika from Cologne.

you can listen to & download the track on

also check out for their official releases.


Download the new EP “Crystal Trails” for free!

here’s the link:

thanks for exploring what i do and for sharing this around!


CRYSTAL TRAILS – listen to the new EP in total

and so it’s complete.

listen to the whole new EP right here:

free download will be available next friday.

thanks a lot for every single support!!

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